Relocation Service Packages

House Hunting

We will consult with you to find exactly what you are looking for in a house, condo or apartment. We consider not just the type of dwelling that best fits you, but also what you want from the surrounding community like shopping, entertainment, neighbors, and health care. From there we pick a variety of properties that might fit you, and together we narrow down the choices. Once we have the “short list,” we’ll take you to see all of your choices. All for free!

House Hunting

Neighborhood Tours

Neighborhood Tour

Sometimes you just want to see the neighborhoods for yourself before you narrow down an area. We’ve got you covered with our neighborhood tours! Sit back and enjoy as you sample the atmosphere and amenities of all the great neighborhoods Panama has to offer!

$300 / half day tour

$600 / full day tour

Up to 4 people

House Inspection

Like how a house looks, but want to know how well built it is? We can arrange a full expert report for you!

This referral service is free!

House Inspection Service

Title Check

Title Check Service

Just as in your home country, it’s highly recommended to check that when you pay for it, you will own the house with no other hassles and encumbrances. Panama Sun Realty can make certain all the recommended checks are done.

We will help you find an attorney who is skilled and knowledgeable in title checks. This referral service is free to our customers!

Unlike in some other countries, there are no title insurance agencies in Panama, so checking is a burden put on the buyer, and it’s best to hire an attorney who can check very thorougly for you. See our info center article on how to buy a house in Panama for more information.

Mobile Phone Setup

The ability to communicate is important, and we can help! Panama Sun can analyze your mobile phone needs in terms of where you want to go, what data, voice and messaging needs you have and find the best local company, plan, and even a new phone to have it ready to go for you when you need it.

An overview of your options is free, and for extra help, contact us to determine how much help you need and agree on a price.

Mobile Phone Setup

Custom Services

Custom Services

Need some extra assistance that isn’t outlined in our standard services? No problem! Give us a call and see what we can do for you to make your new home awesome!