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Garrett Herschleb

Garrett had a very successful career in the United States, pioneering mobile data service with Motorola, helping to bring internet telephony with NxNetworks, and Smart TV with Intel.
Garrett also has years of experience in successful real estate investment. He has knowledge of Panama laws and procedures regarding real estate.

Miao Wang

Miao's friends call her May. May is a professional photographer, and the founder and operator of Epiphany Imagery, a photography business specializing in real estate video and photography.
May has always had a great natural talent for photography, and she has become fascinated with the process of making a house look so beautiful in pictures and video.

Our Story

Garrett Herschleb

Garrett grew up in the great state of Colorado, where he enjoyed skiing, mountain climbing, dirt biking with his dad, flying airplanes, and scuba diving whenever he could make his way to the ocean.

He learned to love programming computers as a young boy, and became one of the youngest interns in a high tech company in Boulder, Colorado. He went on to study electrical and computer engineering in California, and pursued a career in communications technology, and audio / video processing.

Now Garrett has learned the real estate laws and procedures of Panama to serve as a broker.

Miao Wang

May obtained a degree in fashion design, and has a natural instinct for expressing beauty, especially through video and photography.

Garrett and May bought and sold houses, and together they learned the critical keys to buying and selling houses that many realtors have missed. Now they offer their knowledge and service to help you buy, rent, and sell your properties for the maximum gain!

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